Kas Martin
Intuitive Artist

Hi I'm Kas, an Intuitive Artist

Intuitive Art for Soulful Seekers

Let Go, Feel Joyful, Creative & Connect With Your Truest Self

Choose from Online Groups or One-to-One Intuitive Art Experiences,
Self Paced/online Art Classes or work with me in my garden Studio, SW Scotland

Alex: "I've started using visual arts in a joyous and meaningful way. With Kas, I've learned to experiment without judgement."

Tracy: "Kas taught me to go with my gut after a challenging change of direction. I had to take a leap of faith. With Kas's guidance, Intuitive Art enabled me to make sense of what was happening. Today I flourish. I thrive. I am more than ever in tune with my Sense of Self. Kas's courses influence my own Artistic Practice as well as helping me to review the stage I am in my life. I know instinctively when I need to create for insight on matters that I am not clear on, for self care, for my own work. Kas's  courses empower us, help us grow in self confidence. Teach us to value who we are and what we have to offer others. I am certain you will take away a gift that will last and continue to teach you, encourage reflection and show you are honouring your own unique powers."

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About Me

I blend together a magical potion of Art and Personal development including Meditation, Empathy & Compassion aimed to make your heart sing.

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T: 07876 222 790

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