Flowers Blooming Wildly

Flowers Blooming Wildly

Flowers Blooming Wildly

Developing our Self Awareness by turning our attention inwards, noticing - and most importantly - accepting our feelings is a vital step towards a happier, more confident and calmer You.

Adding art into the mix is a powerful ingredient to Self Expression, raising Self Esteem and Reducing Stress.

By Checking In each day following my unique and very easy process will offer you Personal Development AND you will create a stunning painting of flowers, full of You to hang on your wall. Once you have finished your painting you can begin another - perhaps... Bigger canvas!

You don't have to paint on canvas you can use gel pens or crayons and create in a journal or sketch book.

Just £10 to join for the whole year in a lovely online group where you can dip in and out any time you wish and let your Flowers Bloom Wildly

Kas Martin is a Therapeutic Intuitive Artist who has helped thousands of people around the world to feel happier, more confident, calmer and discover how art is a wonderful healer that doesn't necessarily need words!

We are a warm, friendly, encouraging and kind group. You will be very welcome.

You will need a notebook/journal to write your daily Feelings in to. Also a canvas and some acrylic paints. You could buy both from The Works for £10. By buying a year's membership to the group you agree to take responsibility for your health by following instructions Paint manufacturers recommendations/warnings.

Kas will share other art and personal development opportunities from time to time without any obligation and share snippets of inspiring info to help you develop your self, increase confidence, feel happier as a part of the group.

Ready to join in!

Disclaimer - An Important Reminder when undertaking any kind of personal development:

In purchasing this Creative Personal Development ecourse you are agreeing that:

You are fully aware that undertaking this course is intended as a Personal Development Painting tool.

That it is important for you to take care of and take responsibility for Yourself especially when undertaking personal development.

Should any personal issues arise during or following my course please contact your GP, Nurse Practitioner, Counsellor in the way one usually would.

Duration: 1 year
Price: £10.00

About Me

I blend together a magical potion of Art and Personal development including Meditation, Empathy & Compassion aimed to make your heart sing.

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