Paint the tree of Your Life

A 6 Week Therapeutic Intuitive Art Online Group Retreat with Kas Martin

including a further 3 months free to allow for work, life, family, holidays, sickness.

My combination of Therapeutic Art and Intuition is a powerful, potent combination. Empowering, freeing, healing, revealing and offering space for exploration, acceptance and curiosity towards your Unconscious, Intuitive Process.  Leading you another step closer - sometimes a giant leap - towards a more satisfied, whole You which generally brings greater confidence, self awareness, less stress and anxiety and greater well being..

Next online group begins 1st August 2017 participate any time during 22 weeks.
This course is repeated 1st October 2017 and again beginning January 2018.

Many years ago through my own Intuition, I created my unique process inviting participants to explore their Past, their Present,
their Hopes, Dreams & their Potential through the creation of a Tree using art materials.

Through time, this has developed into an incredible tool for self discovery and personal change. The possibilities and potential
are huge for those who want it.  Feedback shows that it offers so much more than face to face therapy.

Not everybody can travel to Scotland to work with me in my Studio so I have created an online group experience for you.  My pre-recorded videos for those in a different time zone or with busy lives means that you can participate anytime you wish. Then any time you are ready I offer exploration with me in the group.  Each stage is an entity in its own right - and eventually you will end with a complete painting of Your Tree.

Nancy, Canada: "Who knew I could paint a picture, especially intuitively and from the heart! What a great experience.
It was one of the most reflective and rewarding experiences I have had and would highly recommend it to anyone
looking for a creative way to be introspective in an encouraging, safe and non-judgmental space."

I share via Vlog parts of my own journey whilst facilitating your journey through this experience. My way is simply "my" way at that time of creating.
We all create our Tree in our own intuitive and unique way mirroring how we are in that moment. A month or year later you are likely to create a very different Tree depending on what is bubbling away in your Unconscious, revealing a more congruent, aware and whole Self.

You can post any images of your painting in the group along with any process notes, feelings, emotions and thoughts any time you wish.
I am very responsive throughout the time we are working together.

There is huge potential for growth through personal reflection and interaction with others and it is your choice
how much you wish to engage with this.  Some prefer a private and personal journey and that is absolutely fine.
If you wish to post your images and process notes without exploration then this is fine too.

Our art 'speaks' for and to us. There is a mirroring that happens naturally between art and Unconscious.
An unspoken dialogue which has the capacity to say 'everything'. 

There's plenty of time and space to explore each week to support you in your personal journey in whatever feels 'right' for you.
The images that make up your whole Tree and the overall finished image of your Tree is a reflection of you, your Soul.

I invite you to loosen and release yourself from planning, controlling, analysing as much as you possibly can.
The more I do this I experience less stress, less anxiety and feel more satisfied, attunded and aligned to my Real Self.

Donna, Scotland:  "I decided to take part in Kas's Paint The Tree of YOUR Life online group.  Part of my work is Contentment Coaching and
I thought I might pick up tips for working with Clients. I was totally unprepared for how powerful this would be on a personal level.
I've discovered creativity I forgot I had, I've remembered how to play and I occasionally even win a battle with my Inner Critic!
This course is interesting, well presented and inspiring. The support from Kas and other group members is gentle yet powerful.
If you're wondering whether this course is for you, just go for it! You won't regret it."

You will have 6 whole weeks to create your Tree painting AND then a further 3 luxurious months to process further,
maybe paint another Tree!? before we say goodbye.  We have plenty of time, there is no rush.

I invite a sense of Peace and Spaciousness accompanied by a gentle pace.  If you prefer a personal or inner journey
where you can reach a meditative, 'flow'  state you can do this.  For those who enjoy sharing and exploring, you can.

This isn't an "Art" Course, it is about using art materials to intuitively  express your self as we journey through this
Personal Development Process.  It will offer you the means to continue exploring throughout your life using Art.

Having an emotional response to the simple act of dipping your brush or fingers in to paint and making your mark can bring tears to our eyes,
lump to our throat, or other bodily felt sensation. My best advice is to notice, accept and embrace. Offer your self the love you would offer others.
Make notes in your journal and if you wish, share your experiences in our Group.

A journal can be a great friend to confide in, lean on, to note your process, share fears or hopes and can be a wonderful resource. You may even like to create your whole TREE in a sketchbook or journal using Caran D'ache Crayons or other medium.

Confidentiality and Respect are vital and I expect each of us to offer this.


It is important when undertaking any Personal Development to take good care of your self. If any issues arise which cause you discomfort
or difficulties in any way please seek help in the way one usually would by speaking to your GP, Nurse Practitioner, Counsellor or other
supportive friend/person who can listen to you and support you.  By signing up for this online process you are asked
to consider who you can and will turn should any difficulties arise as you journey through this experience.

In choosing art materials to work with through this process you accept all responsibility for your
health and safety by reading and following the manufacturer's instructions before buying/using.

Lesa, USA:  "A beautiful journey of healing and self-discovery.  Through her caring and empathic curiosity, Kas provides
respect and support for whatever level of sharing and 'opening up' you feel comfortable with.  It's a magical process of traversing
through your own inner 'forest' as your beautiful Tree unfolds the treasures that await your heart.  Kas's gift as an
Artist and Therapist and the loving, private classmate shared experience touched me deeply."

What you will receive from me;
A unique relationship based on what you most need and want. I offer Integrity, Sensitivity, Wisdom & Intuition.

And all of this for the same price as 5 counselling sessions with me - just £249.

Prefer a one to one journey through this with me online?
You can have this with me if you would rather not be in a group and it’s the same price £249.

If you have questions please ask.  Email me

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