What Kind of Tree Are You

An incredible tool for self discovery & personal change

This eCourse may look like any other painting class - but it isn't. Nine years ago I created this unique process combining Therapeutic Intuitive Art with Personal Growth offering you exploration of your Past, your Present, your Hopes, Dreams and Potential through the creation of a Tree using art materials.

I am proud to offer this incredible tool for self discovery immediately available upon purchase with a whole year's access.  

Prepare for a journey of Self Discovery which will Inspire You whether you are a beginner, a little bit wobbly or experienced Artist, new or well versed in Personal Development. Participants have felt inspired, energised and enlivened.

With a whole year to create Your painting - or many Tree Paintings - each one will be different depending on how you feel at the time of creating.

At the price of just £99

Donna (Scotland)  "I decided to take part in this course having experienced a taster online course with Kas. Part of my work is contentment coaching and I thought I might pick up some tips for working with my own clients. I was totally unprepared by how powerful this experience would be on a personal level. I've discovered creativity I forgot I had, I've remembered how to play and I occasionally even win a battle with my inner critic! The course content is interesting, well presented and inspiring. If you are wondering whether this course is for you, just go for it! You won't regret it."

Dive deeply inside who you really are...
Discover your Hopes and Dreams that are tucked away inside your Heart & Soul.

If you would prefer to explore with me personally in a private online group this is available for just £75. As you create and your Tree emerges, you can upload images of your Tree and you and I can explore this together.

Get in touch with me barefootcreativetherapist@gmail.com to enquire or arrange a date to begin. 

Judy (UK)  "When I first saw Kas's tree painting course I wondered what crazy world I had stumbled upon, but something drew me to signing up to find out! As I'm too far away to go to the studio I made use of the online course... what an amazing experience! Kas's videos lead me step by step through creating my own amazing tree; I was amazed at the depth of emotional experiencing that came up and my 'mark making' sent me in directions I never expected. I felt challenged and held.  It was an incredibly moving experience and now I can't stop painting Trees! Thank you so much Kas!"

No travelling or Hotel fees... Self paced over a whole Year... 

Put on your favourite CD, find a precious old journal to write in and I will gently guide you through my step-by-step process using a series of videos and written word. I share my Process with you on video, as I create My Tree alongside you.

The majority of those who come to my painting groups have not painted since childhood and feel wobbly initially, insisting they cannot paint.

Painting intuitively is about going with your gut... doing what you feel... following your impulses... no need to think, plan or know anything about art. It's about Being and Doing and trusting your impulses.

Kas Martin Online Art E-Courses

Kas Martin, Barefoot Creative Therapist

A number of Brief videos for you to watch before or as you create, combined with exciting prompts & suggestions in between.

You can dip in and out as it suits you and you have a luxurious Year-long access to your course all for just £99.

If you simply wish to create the Tree I have made, that is also fine. I 'get' how painting and learning how others paint is joyful, so please feel free to do this if you prefer.

A timelapse video - What Kind of Tree Are You?

Available for just £99.

Bursting at the seams with ideas, prompts & personal development helping you delve deeply and develop your self awareness.

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Why I love creating Personal Development Painting Courses

I'm just a girl with hopes and dreams of supporting others to live happy more satisfying lives through creativity.

In the mid 1990's I began my own Spiritual and Personal Development Journey. I joined a small precious group and spent a year making art, sharing stories, laughing, crying, getting Real and Re-organising who we were and what we believed, valued and wanted from our lives.

We took big risks and really trusted... We held and loved each other, we challenged and grew together.

It was Not an easy path to choose. An 'easy path' would have been to remain where I was...

However... that 'easy path' would have meant unhappiness, dissatisfaction, empty relationships and dissonance within. Not easy after all.

Creative therapy online courses
This Tree Painting offered me a huge opportunity to explore my Very Responsible Child Self who was Sooooo responsible that she Held The Sun Until She Learned To Let go!

Those who take part in my creative personal development retreats realise they do not have to be an artist to belong... They discover lots about themselves and find that their Tree is a part of Themselves. They embrace their journey. They wish they had done it sooner. They feel so much lighter around their shoulders and happier about their lives. Stress drops away. They make changes that mean more happier and fulfilled living.

And so ...what about You Dear Heart?

Are you ready for some self discovery, intuitively painting The Kind of Tree that YOU are right now?

Whether you have never painted before or are super-creative everybody can take part.

The Kind of Trees below speak of love and wisdom. Full of the Painter's Personality.

I wonder what your Tree will speak of to you and about you?

Kas Martin Creative Therapist

The Painting to the left:

Carries the words 'my earth is somebody's ceiling' bottom right. This painting is all about life, living, breathing, filling our lungs with air and living out loud...NOW because one day we will be gone... What is our earth right now will become our ceiling when we are dead and buried.

Words are from Sara Bareilles Chasing the Sun.

The Painting to the right:

THE WOMB TREE stands solidly in the Ancient Forest. Mother of all the Trees she is available to offer love, support & guidance whenever needed.

Kas Martin Creative Therapist

An entire year's access to this course where you can create Tree paintings as often as you wish
using the step by step process... each Tree will reflect how you are as you create.. for just £99!

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Disclaimer - An Important Reminder when undertaking any kind of personal development:

In purchasing this Creative Personal Development ecourse you are agreeing that:

You are fully aware that undertaking this course is intended as a Personal Development Painting tool.
That it is important for you to take care of and take responsibility for Yourself especially when undertaking personal development.

As we create and paint, just in the same way as we experience day to day living and relating with others, unresolved psychological issues, feelings and emotions can and often do surface offering us potential for change. Sometimes these experiences can be very challenging and it is useful and sometimes necessary to have somebody you can share this with to reflect, learn, resolve and grow. That 'somebody' needs to be a compassionate listener who will understand you and support you in the way you Need. Please ensure you have a good friend, a GP or Nurse who can listen wisely and refer you for support, or see your own Counsellor who can support you through unresolved work if required. I cannot be that Counsellor for you however I can signpost you to excellent and experienced Counsellors if you ask me.

Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Regarding Health & Safety using creative materials & products:

As you will see from my videos I freely use acrylic paints, glues, gel mediums and other art materials and products which I often get on my skin.

By purchasing this ecourse you are aware that it is Your responsibility to read all the product information, including any hazards.

Before you select/choose so that you understand the possible reactions that the manufacturers specify.

You agree that Kassi Martin is not accountable nor responsible for any reactions or illness caused from your use of any materials or products you choose to take part in this ecourse.

About Me

I blend together a magical potion of Art and Personal development including Meditation, Empathy & Compassion aimed to make your heart sing.

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