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My Therapeutic Intuitive Art evolved naturally whilst searching for my Real Self. That elusive element I believe we all search for as we journey through life. I realised I had contorted and twisted myself to fit my first marriage, work places, friendships and relationships. I had had enough of being who others wanted and needed me to be. I was ready to really be Me.

The key ingredient in Therapeutic Intuitive Art is Intuition - our incredible, innate Sense I believe we are born with offering amazing insight when we go within, listen and Trust what our Intuition 'tells' us. How often have you said, "I knew this would happen..If only I'd listened to myself." We 'sense' how something will pan out then tend to dismiss our 'intuitive knowing'. I believe when I Trust my Intuition and not allow 'Thinking' to get in our way, things pan out really well. I also believe 'Thinking' is intricately tangled up with our Inner Critic. We say 'I'm being ridiculous, I'm stupid'. If we listen and trust our Intuition, our gut instinct, everything will work out well and congruently.

My combination of Art and Intuition is a powerful, potent combination. Empowering, freeing, revealing... leading each of us another step closer - sometimes a giant leap - towards our Real Self we were born to become.

It helps me stay focused, reduce stress, build confidence and remain true to who I am. I now offer this incredible, powerful integrated way of being to clients and group participants in my studio and in online groups.

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kas Martin

My Therapeutic Intuitive Art was birthed!

I transformed my kitchen into an art studio which evolved into my beautiful garden art studio.

I painted Hares galloping blindly through dark, moonlit forests, played music that spoke directly to my Soul. My Therapist Self appreciated I was Escaping, galloping through forests, heading for 'home', searching for Me.

Through my Therapeutic Intuitive Art I found my Freedom. I created the Therapeutic style that best expresses who I am and best serves those I work with individually and in groups.

I developed one day group experiences, 6 week online group experiences. Travelling to Scotland wasn't easy for many who now undertake my offerings online, any time of day or night and best of all, you have a whole year's access. I offer my courses in amazing, inspiring and life changing online groups usually over 6 weeks, allowing you to manage easily around your life, family and work wherever you are on our glorious Planet.

What I offer you

Online Creative eCourses from Kas Martin

My unique blend of Therapeutic Intuitive Art offers you a soulful, healing journey back to who You truly, innately are.

The simple act of dipping our fingers or brush into paint stirs something deep inside that we can feel moved to tears.

Many are told we are not artistic in our early years. We experience damaging, shameful moments which imprison us.

I believe we are all artists. As we paint, our stories emerge. A dialogue between you and your image happens, words are not needed.

When we Let Go of the need to 'Know', to 'Think', 'Analyse', 'Control' and Trust that all the answers you are looking for are inside of you, we change, we grow, we can simply Be.

I believe we are born with everything we need to live a satisfying, congruent life. We just need space and acceptance to allow ourselves to become.

I can help you develop your incredible, natural Intuitive Sense through my Therapeutic Intuitive Art. Anybody can participate in this, no matter where you are in the World.

I offer you insight, spontaneity, contentment and confidence. Develop your precious relationship with your self through my work.

Discover how my unique blend of Therapeutic Intuitive Art is inspirational and life-changing whether in my studio or online.

Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

My unique and most popular What Kind of Tree Are YOU? ecourse is available right now. Video eCourse.

Currently offered to You as a self paced course with a whole year's access eCourse at the Celebratory price of just £25 (Usual price £99) until August 1st 2017

If you prefer a more personal, in-depth, shared online experience What Kind of Tree Are You is available spread over 10 weeks in a closed facebook group. With pre-recorded videos you can participate any time you wish during the 10 weeks. I am available throughout to explore and process with you in the group during the 10 weeks. Share and process as your unique Tree That YOU Are emerges. You can create on canvas, or if you are on the move you can work from a Journal using any medium you choose. Working with me in a closed group over the 10 weeks is just £249 and gives you in-depth, therapeutic, healing experience that some have found more beneficial than their one to one personal therapy.

Online Art Therapy Courses from Kassi Martin
Expressing Who I Am
Online Creative eCourses from Kassi Martin

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...And Then

I released my Therapeutic Intuitive Art into the Universe, you came, you experienced, you grew, you became more You.

Painting ourselves as Trees, Goddesses, Warriors and Angels. Sharing our battle stories through Art, diving more deeply inwards until you discovered an amazing spaciousness and freedom within. You Let Go of the archaic rules you had lived by, Let Go of your Inner Critic. You discovered how Art helped you find yourself. Art healed your Stress. Art made you whole and confident. Therapeutic Intuitive Art is the key.

Above is just a snippet of some of the amazing art that You have created in your journey to becoming YOU.

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My Blog reflects ways to help you Relax, Re-Energise & feel Inspired.

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I blend together a magical potion of Art and Personal development including Meditation, Empathy & Compassion aimed to make your heart sing.

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